Problem solving and team working is a theme throughout their time at the College.Quote


Community and the College

Penryn College has a long standing commitment to its community and is the hub site for activity from the town community and the outlying villages. Extensively used, the site offers sports facilities for sports specific clubs, recreational use and for family learning at all levels.

The College enjoys working in partnership with the community which includes working with the Combined University of Cornwall, Adult Education, Extended Services and the Penryn Partnership Primary Schools. The School is open from 8.00am - 10.00pm for 50 weeks of the year which includes hosting a comprehensiveholiday programme for young people to attend during all holidays except for Christmas.

Use of college facilities

The Community Office in the College is the point of contact for any members of the Community who wish to hire or use the College facilities. The new build greatly enhances sport development for the area, offering new opportunities for the community. You are able to book our facilities either by e-mailing or filling in a venue booking form found in our booklet.

Click on the link below to download a PDF of the hiring booklet / booking form or email us


Numerous support activities are available for our students either before or after school. We also have support clubs/classes which are held during the lunchtimes. During the holidays we offer an extensive program of activities. Have a look through the current booklet you might find an activity you wish to join.

Download a PDF below of activities.

Business Network

Penryn College works closely with the local business community on projects and initiatives involving many of our pupils. Penryn College Business Network was formed in 2007 to enhance our work as an Applied Learning College. The Network is made up of local businesses and organisations and is a forum to meet and work alongside the College on various projects and initiatives for the benefit of our young people. The Network meets termly and we usually have presentations from our students and staff, together with some group discussions on how we can develop various areas of the curriculum or projects.

If you would like to find out more about the Network or would like to attend any of the meetings, please contact Rachel Bastian via email rabastian@penryn-college.cornwall.sch.uk or telephone 01326 372379 Ext 1268.

Parents Forum

The Penryn College Parents Forum was established to provide a starting point for parents to share in their child’s education.

The aims of the Parents’ Forum are as follows:

  • It is a three-way channel for communication between school, parents and students
  • It seeks to provide information for parents to help them develop skills to enable their children to learn
  • It is a source of constructive feedback on educational and social projects
  • It will support student projects where appropriate
  • To provide a parent prospective as required

We welcome parents to become involved with the Forum either by joining the committee, attending committee meetings as a parent voice and/or by coming to our parent Learning Events which are held throughout the year. Parents can contact the Chairperson Angela Williams or the teacher representative Ros Bastian through the usual school communication channels.


Download a PDF below.